Spartan Stadium Construction to Last Through Football Season

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Some Michigan State football fans might have to change their routines at Spartan Stadium this season.

While the south end remains quiet, construction on the north end of the facility is in full swing.

"It'll be a little bit of an inconvenience for the fans," said Greg Ianni, deputy athletics director for MSU. "It's going to be a bigger challenge on all the functions that take place in the tunnel."

Ianni is referring to the north-end tunnel entrance which is not only used by the athletes to get onto the field but also the band and members of the media. He said there's a special plan in place to continue to use that entrance.

"The construction crew has to... actually build a road for us before every game," he said. "Put stone down and roll it out so it's smooth and the day after the game they'll pull the road out."

Ianni admits it's a lot of extra work but he said the end result which will be a $20 million upgrade with better locker rooms, improved media facilities and a new concourse make it all worth it.

"It's going to be a fabulous facility that's really going to enhance the Spartan football experience for everybody," he said.

MSU Police said all construction on campus is expected to be completed by Aug. 29 which will be just in time for the season opener against Western Michigan on Aug. 30.

With the project slated to take about a year to complete construction will last all season but Ianni said fans shouldn't worry.

"We've got a good plan," Ianni said. "The north end can get a little congested so we're going to suggest to people that unless they have to go through that area to plan their route around it."

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