Spartan Football Season Starts with a Night Game

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Staff and local police are ready for the new season. And, so are the students.

Friday night begins the Spartans football season this year. Yes, a night game.

Several MSU students like the time change. They said it gives them more time to celebrate before the kickoff. And, students think this time slot has a lot to tell the rest of the country.

"It shows everyone, it shows the nation that Spartans play on the prime time and I don't know we're the real deal now, so it's a different era," said senior Dan Conklin.

And, students said they prefer the Friday night football scene.

"Friday just has this cool atmosphere around it. Everyone's just really excited. All the parents are in town and all the alumni usually come down for the first Friday game, so under the lights is really fun," explained a fellow senior.

Both the University and East Lansing Police ar eon patrol tonight. They don't mind a night game. ELPD's Captain Murphy said having a later kickoff time can actually work to their benefit.

"If it's a night game and people start tailgating early, sometimes by the end of the game it appears if you look around town on night games in the past that people are just wore out and they go home," said Captain Murphy.

For those who don't get worn out, extra police will be on staff tonight to keep things under control.

Captain Murphy explained, "Most everybody is here to celebrate the game or see the game and are never a problem. But, you know that very small percentage of people that do cause problems, those are the ones we spend most of our time dealing with and that's one reason we're here."

And, Captain Murphy said another challenge is the influx of people, "Anytime you add thousands of people into a city. There's traffic problems. There's you know problems with congestion all over town, so our officers are mainly just on getting people in and out of town safely and efficiently."

Captain Murphy said he want the fans to have a good time, but also to be patient with them. He hopes they remember even though it is game day, there are still laws in place, just like any other day of the week.