Sparrow to Partner in Home Health Inspections Program

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Sparrow Hospital has become the latest community partner to sign onto the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative.

It's a program to prevent health issues like severe asthma by treating a patient's home.

"They can come into the hospital and be treated for their asthma but then they go back to their home and those environmental issues are still present," said Sparrow Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mary Kisting.

The program is designed to be proactive and keep people out of the emergency room.

"There's treatments that Sparrow can provide as medical providers, but we also believe there's come preventative medicine that can be made at the home," John Kinch explained. He's the executive director of Michigan Energy Options, one of the leaders of the initiative.

The program sends an inspector to a person's home to look for things that could trigger a patient's asthma, like dust, mold, rodent sor infestation.

"We're looking at the quality of its appliances, its furnace, whether or not it has insulation. How are the windows, all these kinds of things," Kinch continued.

Kinch said it's important to have so many community partners on board, so one person can identify the issues and determine the physical improvements that need to be made.

Kinch added, "It's going to change the quality of life in those homes."

The program is in its beginning stages and is aimed at helping 10 to 20 homes on low-income families in Lansing.

Any homeowner, landlord or renter can qualify. They need to have an older home and meet the income requirements. You can access an application at