Sparrow Takes Precautions After Medication Recall

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Sparrow Health System is taking new precautions Thursday because of the meningitis outbreak.

It never received any of the contaminated steroid shots from the company linked to the deadly outbreak, but Sparrow did find out that some products it got from New England Compounding Center have been recalled by the FDA.

So, they'd rather be safe than sorry.

"We don't anticipate anyone getting sick from this, but we're simply taking precaution to ensure that our patients are safe," Sparrow Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Schroeder said.

Since June more than 700 patients received the now-recalled diaretic Furosemide. But not all of them necessarily got the product distributed by NECC, because Sparrow gets the medication from other pharmacies as well.

"Only the intravenous form is in question," Schroeder said. "The oral form of the medicine is completely safe."

Sparrow pulled furosemide from its shelves as a precaution Oct. 9. Now they're notifying ever patient who received it up to about five months prior, no matter if their dose came from NECC or elsewhere.

"There has been absolutely no linkage whatsoever to anybody contracting any illness," Schroeder said. "We're being extraordinarily cautious simply because of the conditions at that pharmacy."

Sparrow said they don't use any other medications from NECC.

"We're going to be vigilant in making sure our patients are taken care of, and that if there are issues of safety, we're going to react to them as quickly as we can," Schroeder said.

Letters are being sent to the 717 patients starting Friday. If any patients receiving letters have experienced any problems with their treatment, Sparrow recommends they contact their physician or contact Sparrow Pharmacy at 517.364.0742.

More than 3,000 medical facilities nationwide received products from NECC. That's about half of the nation's hospitals.

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