Sparrow, McLaren Expanding In Grand Ledge

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The gift bags are filled, the balloons are up, and the cake is ready. McLaren Greater Lansing proudly announced the grand opening of its brand new building in Grand Ledge.

"This is by far the biggest, the newest, we can accommodate more people than anybody else, so patients are able to come in get what they need to have done quickly and be on with their day," said Joel Price, a Phlebotomist who works for McLaren.

The new building offers family care services, OBGYN, cardiology, oncology, radiology, and labs.

"Now we have so many specialists right in this area that will be available," said Dr. Paul Zack, an M.D. in cardiology.

Of course, no doctor’s office would be complete without a fish tank, or two, which are in the lobby.

The goal is to better serve the growing population in Grand Ledge by bringing care to the people, rather than having them drive to Lansing.

One thing that makes the new building unique is the fact that before the year is over, a wall will punch through to a sparrow medical facility that is currently under construction.

"Historically we have been next door to each other in Grand Ledge for some time now," said John Berg, the Executive Director of Strategic Marketing at Sparrow.

The only difference is the two providers they'll soon both be under one roof. While the two sides will offer different specialties, they will compete in after hour care and labs. Despite that competition, neither party is overly concerned.

"We provide quality service and we believe the consumer will pick what they feel is the best service to them," said John Patterson, McLaren's Orthopedic Hospital Administrator.

Dr. David Smith is the man responsible for bringing the two competitors together. For him, the new medical center is a life's work come to fruition.

"We're just pleased to have both of them and we're glad that they could bury the hatchet--sort of speak and come work with us," said Dr. David Smith, a M.D. in family practice who has worked in the area for 38 years.

McLaren's open house runs until 7 p.m. Thursday night. The new building is located at 1035 Charlevoix Street in Grand Ledge.

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