Sparrow Clinton Hospital Cuts Ribbon On New ER

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A million dollar expansion in Saint Johns is expected to save lives, it's a new and improved emergency room. Doctors and most patients say the care at Sparrow Clinton Hospital is pretty good but it wants to improve overall patient experience.

The ribbon cutting on the hospital new ER is opening the doors to faster treatment.

"Often times minutes count in terms of getting treatment quickly," said Edward Brunn, President and CEO of Sparrow Clinton Hospital.

From more private treatment rooms to separate trauma areas, the expanded ER is three times the size of the old facility. With national emergency room wait times close to 30 minutes, hospital staff hope all the space will help them shorten that time.

"That will allow our staff to get people into the treatment room and begin treatment very, very quickly," Bruun added.

One of the biggest perks is privacy, something the old ER did not always offer.

"If you were in a bed and there was someone in a bed next to you, it was just a curtain in between," said David Hunt, who serves on the Sparrow Board of Directors. "Even though you didn't see that person many times you'd recognize the voice."

The new facility has ten private exam rooms a big difference from the three curtained off bays in the old ER. It's all important parts of improving patient care.

"Having great care right in our back yard, around the block or right down the street basically without having to leave the community," Hunt said.

But if a patient does need more care, the hospital will still have them covered.

"Then we have a seamless way of then transferring them to the level one trauma center down at Sparrow Main Hospital," Bruun said.

The new ER cost more than $5.7 million. At that price staff hope they'll have to send fewer patients down to Lansing and Sparrow's main campus.

As for the old ER, it's going to be used to expand the cardiology and radiology departments at Clinton.

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