Some Driver Responsibility Fees Ending

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Michigan drivers committing certain offenses will be keeping more money in their pockets. Starting Monday, Driver Responsibility Fees will be eliminated for violations like driving without a valid license and having no proof of insurance. They cost $150 and $200 respectively for two years.

"It is a costly burden for many Michigan drivers and Michigan families. These are people who are already paying their tickets, they're responsible for paying court costs, fines, any reinstatement fees," said Fred Woodhams, spokesperson for the Secretary of State.

Woodhams said it's about removing a double penalty. The changes went through the legislature with bipartisan support and Gov. Snyder signed it into law last year.

However, Norman Gaffney, a defense attorney in the Lansing area, thinks the impact will be minimal because what's going away are relatively smaller fines for lesser driving offenses.

"If you have drunk driving you're paying $1000 two years in a row, impaired driving you're paying $500 for two years, reckless driving $500 for two years...They're all staying and I don't anticipate seeing those going away," said Gaffney.

At the same time, Gaffney thinks a good number of drivers could benefit from the new changes and the money saved may go a long way for many Michigan families.

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