Some Delays Expected for Holiday Travelers

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Winter storms out east, and snow showers in parts of the state, could mean some delays for holiday travelers.

In East Lansing, dozens of frustrated travelers were left standing in the cold for hours Wednesday afternoon, after Greyhound oversold a bus from East Lansing to Detroit. Selina Neal planned to depart at 12:30. But when the bus arrived, there wasn’t enough room for dozens of passengers. Neal said, “It was too many people. I hate that. Like why does Greyhound sell so many tickets if they plan on it, you know, being overbooked? But here I am waiting." Neal and other passengers waited 2 1/2 hours until a second bus finally arrived at 3:00 p.m. She said, "I really want to get home. And you know you buy a ticket time, because you want to get home at a certain time. I'm a little frustrated, yeah."

The mood was a bit cheerier at Capital Region International Airport, where Wednesday afternoon, the friendly skies had travelers dealing with few delays. Sisters Carley and Olivia Statler were on a 1 p.m. flight to Minneapolis. "The weather seems nice for here and where we are headed." David Nawara had just arrived in Lansing. "I flew from Minneapolis to Lansing and it wasn’t too bad. I got to the airport about three hours early just in case. The line for check in was pretty long, but I got right through and now I'm here in Lansing. So, happy to be home." Liz Andrews, Manager of the Fly Lansing Travel Center advises people to be patient, and use their resources. "If you're waiting for somebody, or if you're looking for information check on to make sure that your flights are on time and plan on some extra time I would say is the key."

But the ride may not be so smooth for drivers. Michigan State Police expect delays in the southwestern part of the state where snow showers could mean slippery roads. Trooper Marco Jones says, "Obviously, pay attention to where there are alerts in your area. Also, to the areas you're traveling to, and just be prepared for re-routing of traffic, traffic back-ups, things of that nature."

Amtrack has added 18 trains to operate to and from Michigan during the holiday weekend. The carrier expects no weather delays. A spokesperson says the busiest travel days are Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Sunday.