Soft-Spoken Teen Accused Of Killing Massachusetts Teacher

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DANVERS, Mass. (AP) -- Hundreds have turned out for a candlelight vigil on the parking lot of the suburban Boston high school where a popular teacher is being mourned.

Many wore pink, math teacher Colleen Ritzer's favorite color. They prayed and sang and, at the end of the vigil, placed their candles along with some stuffed animals in the middle of a ring they formed for the gathering.

Ritzer's body was found not far from where the vigil was held, in a wooded area behind Danvers High School. Officials have not listed the cause of death.

A 14-year-old Danvers student has arrested and charged with killing Ritzer. Philip Chism is said to have been arrested because of statements he made and corroborating evidence. He's being held without bail.

The tall, lanky teenager had moved to Massachusetts from Tennessee before the start of the school year and was a top scorer on the school's junior varsity soccer team. Classmates described him as soft-spoken.

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