Snyder Tours Auto Show, Touts Industry's Progress

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Governor Rick Snyder toured the 25th North American International Auto Show Tuesday morning, making his way to several automakers.

The likes of Cadillac, Volkswagen and Audi showed off their newest models. Snyder, in turn, tried to show off his city.

"If you just look back a few years: how far has this come?" he asked. "Cobo, the whole center here has been renovated in a positive way and that makes a big statement. We've reinvented Michigan. We're just going to keep doing better in this state."

Snyder called it "exciting" to be walking the floor at the show when the spotlight is always squarely on Detroit.

"It's an opportunity to see Detroit's already coming back," Snyder said. "And as soon as we resolve this issue and bankruptcy, this is going to be one of the great places to invest and live for the future."

The head of Volkswagen's Engineering and Environmental Office in Auburn Hills said the relationship with the state is important.

"Michigan is a great place for us, we like to be here, we have our technical facility here," said Oliver Schmidt. "We have 1,400 people here working for Volkswagen so we like it here."

Schmidt was also excited about a new apprenticeship program he had discussed with Snyder. It's modeled off a program in Germany where people are trained for three years on a job and then start working the job.

"I was grateful the Governor spent time with us," Schmidt said. "He had great news for us."

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