Snyder Signs Controversial Abortion Bill HB 5711

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On Friday, Governor Rick Snyder signed House Bill 5711 that called for increased safety standards at abortion clinics, and aimed to prevent coerced abortions. HB 5711 is a controversial piece of legislation, being widely supported by anti-abortion activists, and criticized by abortion rights supporters. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Bruce Rendon, and also requires physicians to follow specific steps when disposing of fetal remains.

Governor Snyder said “This bill respects a woman’s right to choose while helping protect her health and safety, including making sure a pregnant person is not being coerced into a decision,”

The bill requires medical facilities or abortion clinics that conduct more than 120 surgical abortions per year become licensed surgical outpatient facilities by the state.

HB 5711 also requires that physicians and health professionals screen patients to prevent abortions that are being coerced and to provide resources to patients.

Governor Snyder vetoed SB 1293: Reforming Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He cited the reason for the veto, was his plan for reforming Blue Cross did not include any references to abortion. The bill passed by the Michigan senate included a provision that would have treated situations involving rape, incest, and maternal health as elective abortions, meaning that women would have to pay for the abortion, or purchase additional insurance coverage. He also said
the abortion provision in the bill would have interfered with the private marketplace for insurance.