Snyder Says Bills To Help Economy

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Governor Snyder says the holidays are looking brighter for employers and businesses across Michigan. That's because he signed dozens of bills into law that reform regulations and taxes on businesses.

The bills eliminate the Michigan Business Tax, something Governor Snyder promised to do when he ran for office. The governor says this will stimulate economic development and bring "more and better jobs to Michigan."

"I'm glad to say Michigan no longer holds the title for having the dumbest tax in the country. We got ride of it and we replaced it," said Governor Snyder.

The more than dozen bills he signed focus around three topics: personal property tax, the severance tax, and regulatory reform. The governor's office says the new workplace safety regulations being implemented eliminate 13 rules for every new one, making Michigan laws more streamlined and up-to-date.

"We have removed net over 800 and some rules off the books and this legislation just really helps take it to the next level in terms of saying we are doing smart things," said Snyder.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley says he could not be more pleased. Althought right-to-work opponents would object.

"Across the board, Michigan is getting to be a better and better place to operate in every single day. Right-to-work is a component of that, but it's not all of it. Personal property tax reform that we just signed is probably as big or bigger an issue for a major manufacturer than are labor laws," said Lieutenant Governor Calley.

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