Snyder: Fired Up For Another Year

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"I think 2012 was a very active year. I think we accomplished a lot, and to put it in context the goal is to reinvent our state," said Governor Snyder Friday.

Among his accomplishments, the governor says signing the deal with Canada for the new bridge will create tens of thousands of long-term, trade-related jobs.

During the year he signed numerous tax and regulation reforms bills.

He also reformed the school employees retirement system.

"We have essentially taken in the range of $20 billion off the balance sheet or got a plan to pay down $20 billion in liabilities," said Gov. Snyder.

Then there was his Bureaucracy Busters program inspired by Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley. The program allowed state workers to submit thousands of ideas on how to improve government efficiency. The ideas were then voted on by thousands of employees and the top three are being implemented.

Governor Snyder has put more Michigan State Troopers on the streets in troubled Michigan cities. He said he has also worked to improve education.

"This is really about helping people. And this is something that, when in your lifetime do you have the opportunity to help essentially 10 million people? And the way I view it is that's why you see the dog year concept really come along because there is a clock ticking."

The Governor has big plans in 2013. Among the things to watch for are unemployment insurance reforms that Gov. Snyder says will benefit employers.

He will further implement his Pathways to Potential program, which moves social workers from government offices into public elementary schools.

He also hopes to change people's perception of Michigan through more "Pure Michigan" campaigns.

"I'm neither content nor complacent with where we are at," said Governor Snyder. "We are going to keep up relentless positive action, no blame no credit, and solving problems into 2013. I'm fired up for another year."

The Governor plans to spend the holidays with friends and family, but says a fair amount of his time will be spent on homework each day.

For all those curious, he says he still has a lot of Christmas shopping to do.

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