Snyder Administration Praises "Right to Work" Ruling

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35,000 state workers will be able to leave their unions and quit paying dues next year. Thanks to a state court of appeals ruling that found the "right to work" law applies to them. Unions sued, arguing the constitution gives the "civil service commission" authority over their members. The appeals court disagreed, and the Snyder Administration wants to put the issue behind us.

"It's time to move beyond this now and focus on job creation. We're the comeback state. We're proud of being the comeback state. Freedom to work is on tool in the state's toolbox to create jobs. It's an important tool and now we're gonna move forward." -David Murray, Deputy Press Secretary

"Moving forward" will most likely involve a trip to the state supreme court. Several unions released statements saying the ruling is clearly unconstitutional. UAW local six thousand started negotiating a new contract with the state a little more than two weeks ago. Both sides told us "right to work" would not be an issue in the talks.

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