Snowstorm Helps Local Businesses

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Some people can't wait for the first real snow, while others wish it would never come, but many local businesses depend on it.

"You can be as competitive as possible with pricing and everything, but if mother nature doesn't give you snow, you're not going to do anything," Aimee Robless, Operations Manager for Eric Rogers LLC Snow Removal, said.

Mother nature finally gave Mid-Michigan a snowstorm Wednesday, which marked Eric Rogers LLC's first day for the plows this season, a month late compared to last year.

"When you have your employees that are relying on this for income throughout the winter and to feed their families and to support their families, this was very needed," Robles said.

Even the best plows and salt don't make the roads perfect though, something One Stop Auto in Lansing doesn't mind.

"Always seems like that first snow fall, everybody's got to learn how to drive again," One Stop Auto Service Manager Rod Brown said. "So, we've had quite a few increase in business."

The shop and service center is down to three loaner cars of their fleet of 15, all of them taken in the last three days.

"We get both things of it. The 'no starts' from the cold weather, and then also when the slipping and sliding comes along, we get the body work," Brown said. "It really does help."

Winter clothing stores like Moosejaw in East Lansing have seen a lot more shoppers as people realize they might not have the right gear for a real Michigan winter.

"We got lulled into a false sense of security because we had such a warm winter last year and it started off so warm this year," Moosejaw Manager Matt Oates said. "We're seeing a lot of rush for those insulated pieces that no one thought they needed when it was 50 degrees in December."

Because there are extra products for winter weather lying around, they've even discounted some of their most popular items. Many long coats are up to 30 percent off.

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