Snowstorm Buries Mid-Michigan, Hits Jackson Hard

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Mid-Michigan had its first real snow storm of the winter season, but Jackson saw the worst of it Wednesday.

From Lansing to Jackson the roads got progressively worse through the afternoon, and so did the weather.

After the worst of the storm was over by early evening, there weren't many people out except salt trucks and plows. The Jackson County Road Commission called this a typical storm, but not the one it anticipated.

"We didn't think we'd get this much," Jackson County Road Commission Managing Director Kenneth Straub said. "We kept watching radar all morning, figured we'd be on the north end of it, but it came a little bit further north than we figured it would. You never know what mother nature's going to bring."

She brought at least five inches of snow to some parts of Jackson, making the roads treacherous, no matter how cautious drivers tried to be.

"I was slipping and sliding, and I was doing like 15 miles per hour," Anreah Parker said.

That was even after Parker left work around 7:00 p.m., having missed the worst part of the winter storm, but the work day wasn't quite finished.

"I had trouble getting all the snow up off my car," Parker said. "It was like frosty and I was scraping, and my mirrors and everything."

All that scraping without any gloves, because Parker forgot them today. Others weren't taking any chances.

"You never know what will happen," Lainee Pahl said. "You might end up in a ditch, and I don't want to be cold. So, I layered up, and got my hat and gloves on, and was prepared for the worst."

The road commission's fleet took a similar attitude. More than 50 salt trucks covered the roads all day and into the night.

"We attacked this storm, just like we do any storm," Straub said.

Attacking the storm like they'd like to isn't always easy though. Drivers might feel like those big orange trucks own the road, but sometimes it's the opposite.

"They have enough to contend with, so it would be better for our drivers if nobody passed them, but we know they're going to," Straub said. "Give us room to groom."

Straub said all major roads in Jackson should be salted and mostly cleared by the morning commute, but drifting has already begun. The salt doesn't work immediately, so roads will still be slippery tomorrow.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office had 28 accidents throughout the day. Most of them were minor incidents like sliding off into the ditch, and no injures reported.

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