Snow Piles Making Driving Dangerous

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Lansing (WILX)-- It's a lot easier to drive when the snow is plowed off the roads, but it's still causing problems for drivers after it gets moved.

The piles in medians and on the corners have only been getting bigger, making it tough for drivers to see what's coming before they turn.

"It's easy to tell who's been plowing a while and who's a beginner," said Brandon Thurston, with Royal Lawn and Landscaping.

Thurston's an experienced snow plow driver and knows not to pile snow where it would block a drivers visibility. But with so much snow, it's at the point where it's piling up everywhere.

Drivers risking their lives, edging into intersections, not knowing if another vehicle's coming until it might be too late.

"Obviously pull out slowly. Don't assume it's open, assume there is a car there," said Thurston.

"If you could swing wide so you're not close to it," said Scott House with the Lansing Public Service Department.

The city has been trying to tackle the problem, but there's no set limit on how high a pile can get.

"What we do is when we see those we have an engineer drive around and identify visual or side obstructions and report it to operations and maintenance. It really is based on common sense," said House.

But the city will only clear an obstruction if it's on city roads.

"The counties (and cities) are making the road safe for all of us, that's their priority. Once it's on your property it's your best interest to make it safe for you," said Thurston.

If snow is piling up at the end of your driveway, knock it down or disperse it . Private property owners could actually be fined up to $500 dollars for obstructing visibility.

"It's a problem. this is a rare amount of snow for the Lansing area and we all know that."

If you're thinking about hiring a private company to knock down a snow pile for you, you might be waiting for a while.
We made some calls and most landscaping companies aren't taking any more clients.
Call your local public works department if you know of a snow pile making it tough for drivers to see.