Snow Makes For Dicey Rush Hour Commute

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The snow starting late Monday afternoon in Mid-Michigan was just in time for the drive home from work, and it made for a white-knuckled commute for drivers in some spots.

One Lansing woman was headed westbound on I-496 when her SUV slid off the highway and into the median Monday evening.

"A car pulled in front of me and I didn't want to hit it so I don't know I just went off the road," Sarah Outlaw said.

"It was scary, I flipped over and I was just glad I made it back on top."

Other drivers lucky enough to stay on the road just trying to take it easy.

"You just have to be cautious of other people and families in the car, I've got my kids in the car so I'm driving very carefully," said one driver.

Ingham, Eaton and Clinton county dispatch reported about a dozen or so calls each Monday night, mostly for slide-offs.

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