Slippery and Snowy Morning Commute

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Plow and salt trucks are back on the roads this morning. With all the nasty winter weather we've had these past few months, road commissions are becoming concerned about their budgets. We've were outside this morning and saw plow trucks and salt trucks out trying to keep up with the snow. The good news is, it's warm enough that salt will work today. The bad news is, if this weather keeps up we could be put on a waiting list to even receive salt. Last month alone, The Ingham County Road Department spent about $270,000 dollars on salt, and another $85,000 in overtime for plow and salt truck drivers. That's money that road crews usually save for spring and summer road repairs.

"In that program, we do our short-segment maintenance paving, our chip-sealing and if we go over our winter maintenance budget, that would be less we would have to spend on materials for our surface maintenance program in the summer," said Bill Conklin, Ingham County Road Dept.

The Road Commission told us they won't know how the budget will be impacted by all this winter weather until March. They've been cutting the salt with sand to try to make it last longer.