Slideshow: Thunderstorms at Sunset in Lansing

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Few things are more picturesque than a thunderstorm at sunset! On Friday May 9, a small thunderstorm rolled past the Lansing area and I was able to take many pictures. I wanted to share some of them and some of the ones I got from other viewers. If I'm available I love going out into the field and taking weather photos. Enjoy!

All of the pictures are my own in Lansing except for the first two from Addison and Mason.

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more. I love to share good weather photos and I love seeing others from viewers. With the thunderstorms in the forecast, take your own weather photos (safely) and send them to us via social media and we'll happily share them. Just make sure they're horizontal photos please! Also include location and name of the photographer if it isn't you.

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