UPDATE: 2 Children, 1 Adult Killed in Major Crash on Detroit Freeway

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UPDATE - 2:05 PM

DETROIT (AP) -- Police say one adult and two children have been killed and about others 20 injured in a massive freeway crash in Detroit involving at least two dozen vehicles in icy, snowy conditions.
Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw says the deaths and injuries happened in a chain-reaction crash Thursday morning on a mile-long stretch of Interstate 75 on the southwest side of the city. Shaw says the injured, including children, have been taken to hospitals.

UPDATE - 12:38 PM

WDIV-TV in Detroit is reporting that three children were killed and one adult died in crash along I-75 in Detroit. At least 20 people were injured as well. The crash scene extends over a mile, as dozens of vehicles smashed into each other over the stretch of highway on the city's southwest side. Many people had to be pulled out of their vehicles. Several tractor trailer trucks are involved, and leaking diesel fuel is a concern. Drivers say icy roads and white-out conditions preceded the crash.