Sinkhole Strikes Downtown Lansing

A sinkhole opened up in downtown Lansing over the weekend-- not a big one-- but enough to put that area on high alert. It's right by Kositchek's on Washington Avenue. It was caused by the sewer and workers were still on it today. The public service department says these things happen.

"Part of working downtown is you want to minimize destruction to the street-scape because we spent a lot of money to beautify the downtown," said Scott House from the city of Lansing. "We don't want to tear that out. Invariably you will cause a certain amount of damage so there will be a little more restoration here but we want to minimize that impact."

Crews hope to have it finished by Thursday for Kositchek's Dapper Dads event which will be emceed by Suzy Merchant and Jason Colthorp.

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