Three Robberies in 30 Hours

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The same man may be responsible for three different convenience store robberies this weekend, according to Lansing Police.

Clerks working during robberies at a 7-Eleven, Citgo and Speedway all described a man in a red sweatshirt as the person who pointed a gun at them before taking money, cigarettes and alcohol.

The Citgo near Cedar St. and Potter St. was robbed around 8:40 p.m. Saturday night. The 7-Eleven on Aurelius Rd. and Jolly Rd. was robbed just after midnight Monday morning. The Speedway on Michigan Ave. and Clemens St. was robbed a few hours later.

"What we're looking at here is the MO, Modus Operandi, basically how each one of these robberies went down," said Officer Robert Merritt, Public Information Officer for the Lansing Police Department. "The similarities are there, so we're not ruling out the fact that this might be the same person that robbed all three of these over the last three days."

WILX News 10 received surveillance photos of the suspect from the armed robbery of the Speedway gas station.

A manager at the Speedway station said he was sure the same person carried out each robbery because he approached each clerk with a gun and took cigarettes, alcohol and money.

Clerks at each of the convenience stores wouldn't speak on camera, but say the most important thing during a robbery is to stay calm and comply with the robber, particularly if they are carrying a weapon. They say money and property can be replaced but a life cannot.

"It's a very dangerous situation," Merritt said. "It's not worth getting hurt, or for that matter, losing your life. It's important you cooperate and be a good witness and give good information to the officers when they get there."

Good witnesses and surveillance cameras are what helped get police to this point. Merritt says detectives are continuing to interview witnesses and believe the suspect may have a car in the area. He's asking people to be vigilant and look for anything suspicious.

"The littlest information could turn out to be a big break in the case," he said. "This suspect won't continue to get away with this. We've got good officers involved."

If you have any information, call Detective Gomez of the Lansing Police at 517-483-4821.

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