Siblings Charged With Armed Robbery in Jackson, One Man Still Wanted

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At least three people are facing life sentences in Jackson, and two of them aren't even old enough to drink alcohol legally.

17-year-old Breanna Crawford and 20-year-old Kesean Wilson are half brother and sister, and now they're both charged with armed robbery at Jackson City County Credit Union after being arraigned in 12th District Court on Thursday.

They're two of the suspects in the string of recent bank robberies in Jackson, and at least one man is still on the loose. While the Major Crimes Task Force still actively searches for Darius Griffin, they're also working on connecting all the cases - at least six robberies since the beginning of August.

Jackson County prosecutor Henry Zavislak said the evidence against each suspect is strong and convictions are likely. He said Wilson left a "money trail."

"We're not playing games here, these are life offenses," Zavislak said.

Wilson was also charged with felony firearm and felonious assault. Both Wilson and Crawford cried in court, and Crawford said "she had nothing to do with it."

"I don't care how they feel," Zavislak said.

Wilson was on probation for domestic assault when he was caught Wednesday morning hiding in a dumpster after a 70 m.p.h car chase through Jackson. He's accused of fleeing from the scene after he held a clerk at gunpoint, and eventually crashed his car into a home at Jackson and Biddle Streets. Wilson and Crawford then ran on foot, and a K-9 unit eventually tracked him.

"It isn't only a crime against one person in the community, it's a crime against the entire community," Zavislak said. "And it it isn't only going to be one police department that is going to be after you, it's going to be all the police departments and me that are after you."

Judge Michael Klaeren said Wilson is a danger and flight risk and denied him bond. Crawford is being held on $750,000 cash charity bond.

Meanwhile, the Major Crimes Task Force is still looking for Darius Griffin, accused of robbing Aeroquip Credit Union on Monday. Jackson Police responded to a tip about his location Thursday morning, but Griffin hasn't turned up. Those closest to the 21-year-old are surprised to hear he's a wanted man.

"Darius was going to college, he was playing baseball," said Rhonda Jones, a close friend of Griffin's family. "I just can't believe he's caught up in this."

The Jackson County Sheriff confirms Monday's raid on the home on Francis Ct. was in search of Griffin and Roger Ozier in connection with the Aeroquip robbery. 59-year-old Ozier has an extensive criminal history, including escaping from prison in 1989. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery and bank robbery Wednesday afternoon.

"We can take a sigh of relief today, but we still need help," Jackson County Sheriff Steven Rand said. "There are more people in involved, I'm sure of that."

Rand said this is only the beginning for the Major Crimes Task Force, and now the real work starts. Their goal is to connect all the robberies and turn in one big case to the prosecutor.

These recent events have impacted the Jackson community greatly, as most of the suspects were born and raised in Jackson.

"We just keep losing friends," said 18-year-old Wesley Edwards, who grew up with both Griffin and Wilson. "Losing them to either jail or death. So, it's kinda hard."

There is a cash reward being offered for anyone with information that leads to Darius Griffin's arrest.

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