Siblings Awarded for Heroics During Kidnapping

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It has been nearly three weeks, but for 14-year-old James III and 11-year-old Acelyn Persyn, the memory is still fresh.

For the Persyn's it started when a Central Michigan University student frantically knocked on their door in Lincoln Township, trying to get away from Eric Ramsey, the man who kidnapped her from campus and then, raped her.

His next step was to kill her, but she got away.

"Just the way she was pounding on the door and her just sends shivers through your body," said James Persyn III.

The Persyns, who were home alone at the time, took her in and hid in the bathroom. While Ramsey banged on their door and set fire to their home, they called 911, saving the woman's life.

"There's no question about it that she would not be alive today had they not done that," said Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski.

Tuesday night, Mioduszewski awarded the two for their courage and heroism with a 'Lifesaving Award', just the second ever given out.

"It's typical that you don't allow strangers into your home without mom or dad being there," said Mioduszewski. "In this case, it actually saved somebody's life, so I'm very proud of the two young individuals."

James Persyn says he was just doing what he needed to.

"There's someone in danger, especially my two younger siblings," said Persyn. "I didn't want anything to happen."

With these awards, the two hope all the attention they're getting will finally go away.

The kidnapping victim wasn't present during the award ceremony, but Mioduszewski says she just had surgery for an injury she sustained while escaping from Ramsey.

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