Shootout And Chase Ends In Arrest

A man is in custody following a gunfight, and high speed chase through the city of Lansing.

News 10 was first on the scene as police from three different agencies, surrounded the suspect's home on West Saint Joe Highway in Lansing township early Wednesday morning.

Police say two cars were involved in a shoot-out on Lansing's South side in the area of Cavanaugh and Holmes off Martin Luther King.

The suspect caught the attention of police as he sped past them.

He refused to pull over and a police helicopter and patrol officers chased him back to his home on west st. Joe where he was arrested.

Police say initially they had no idea the man was involved in the shootout across town.

The man was arrested for fleeing and eluding. The shooting is under investigation.

Police tell us they are still looking for the other vehicle, which they describe as a black or blue SUV or truck.

Police urge anyone who may have information to give them a call.