Shooting Victims Uncooperative

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Lansing Police said Wednesday a victim found at a local hospital Tuesday was in fact involved in the shooting near Sexton High School which brings the total victims to four.

Still after a day of investigating, police have no suspects.

"It's a complex situation when you've got multiple victims as well as the surrounding area where it happened too, and so we're processing and continuing with the leads," said Robert Merritt of the Lansing Police Department.

Local, state and federal officers have all worked the case. Lansing detectives worked through the night piecing things together.

"We had the big crowd. We had some shots fired. We've got some witnesses that report there's vehicles in the area so we are tracking that down and trying to follow up on those leads," said Merritt.

Lansing police say they have good leads and the investigation is headed in a positive direction, but the witnesses are not cooperating and progress is slow.

"We are not sure if it's just based on that they are scared, we're not quite sure," said Merritt describing the witnesses apprehension to cooperate with detectives. Police are also talking to the families of the victims to help the teens come forward and tell them what they know.

The Mayor said no matter the timeline, they will discover the truth.

"All of this will come out. There are witnesses. I say let's not rush to judgment. Let the investigators do their job, let the police do their job. I'm inpatient for results just like people are," said Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

Police say an "altercation" lead up to the gun violence.

"That's the big issue here we are talking about youth with guns," said Officer Merritt.

Police are not saying if they have recovered any weapons from the crime scene.

"There's a lot of guns. There's I think a failure in parenting and it's is a toxic mix," said Mayor Bernero.

Police hope to narrow down a potential suspect or suspects within the next day or so.

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