Shooting Incident Prompts School Lockdown

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LANSING: Woodcreek Elementary school in southwest Lansing was placed on precautionary lockdown Thursday afternoon, while police were investigating an incident where a gun was fired nearby. Lansing police say narcotics were involved in the incident.

Two men told police that shortly before 1 o'clock they were in their car at the end of a dead end street, Bayview Drive, about a block away from the school, when the shots were fired. They encountered four other men in another car. Two men in the back seat demanded their money. The victims initially refused, until one of the men pointed a gun at them. The two suspects got out of the car and that is when shots were fired. The victims tell police they don't know if they were shot at, or if the man just fired in the air, or fired accidentally. Police recovered more than one shell casing in the area.

Police continued to investigate and in two hours later, two men, aged 21 and 22, were arrested nearby on Hunters Ridge Drive. A gun was not located at the time of the arrests.

The two are awaiting arraignment at the jail in Lansing.

Police emphasize that this was not a random act, and that the victims and suspects were acquainted.

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