Setup for Capitol Protests Starts Early

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Before 'right to work' protesters started lining up outside the Capitol doors, they were setting up for the long day ahead.

"We have giant banners, inflatables, we're going to make a really large statement today," said Jonathan Byrd, Political Director for the Michigan Laborers' Union.

A large statement in the form of a giant inflatable bald eagle and four large inflatable rats representing Governor Rick Snyder and other prominent 'right to work' supporters.

"It's wrong legislation because, basically, it takes away the voice of workers in that state," said Byrd.

That voice showed up not too long after setup crews, as angry union members waited to get inside the building where 'right to work' legislation would be voted on.

Like many others, William Kenney got into line hours before the Capitol opened its doors at 7:30 a.m.

"Just something that we needed to do to come out and support what we believe in," said Kenney, who came from Detroit. "This legislation, what they're doing today, is kind of kicking my family in the teeth."

For Michigan State Police, setting up for Tuesday's rally began last week.

"We've been assessing things since the beginnings of the events last Thursday so we've worked diligently throughout the weekend just planning and making sure we have the adequate resources to ensure the safety of the people and property, here, at the Capitol," said Captain Harold Love of MSP.

Because ensuring safety was the top priority from the moment doors opened to the moment they close.

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