Service Project Raises Money for Local Child

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A service project at a local school isn't just teaching students a valuable lesson, it's also going to make a big difference for one Eaton Rapids family.

The kids at Lockwood Elementary raised $775 for Chance Collins, a boy we first introduced you to in April when police made him an officer for a day.

The students raised the money by selling popsicles and holding a change drive. They money will help his family buy the device Chance needs to communicate, as well as set up a savings account for things Chance will need as he gets older.

"I think it's pretty amazing, not just for our family, but to show the kids when there's people in need, you get together as a class, as a community, as a country, and help those that need help," said Stephanie Collins, Chance's mother. "This is going to help a lot."

The device Chance needs is called a Tobii. The computer uses eye-gazing technology to communicate.

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