Senator Levin Will Not Run For Re-Election

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For the last 34 years Sen. Carl Levin has represented the people of michigan in the united states senate.

"Carl Levin is the man, and he's really made his reputation in that area and he will be very difficult to replace," said Bill Ballenger, of Inside Michigan Politics.

Senator Levin is chairman on the Committee of Armed Services, and no doubt a force to be respected.

"He will be very difficult to replace," said Ballenger.

Thursday 78-year old Senator Levin announced he will not run again. Democrats had only good things to say about the senator.

"We have been very fortunate as a state to have such a fine representative in senator Carl Levin," said Rep. Tim Greimel, a Democrat and House Minority leader.

"Passion commitment, he has a thorough knowledge of the issues and I think that. I think the historical perspective also, so much of that we are loosing," Rep. Theresa Abed, a Democrat from Grand Ledge.

Republican's however, were less enthusiastic about Senator Levin and had more to say about who might replace him.

"I went to a local dinner tonight, and I stood up and announced that he was retiring and they applauded. So I think he is a bit past his time," said Sen. Rick Jones, a Republican from Grand Ledge.

"Most folks are ready for new leadership, and again we wish him best of luck but we are ready to offer bold new direction in the US. Senate," said Matt Frendewey, a spokesperson for the Michigan Republican Party.

In a statement Senator Levin said he wants to continue to serve his state and focus on the nation's challenging issues without the distraction of a campaign.

So who will take his place?

The only person whose name was mentioned by two different people Thursday was Gary Peters, a third term congressman from the Detroit area. Of course it is very early and so anyone could get in the race.

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