Senate Works to Hammer Out a Deal to Fix Roads

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Efforts to find a long-term solution to fix Michigan's crumbling roads may have to wait until fall.

The Republican-led Senate worked well into Wednesday night, trying to hammer out a deal before summer break. They did not vote on a bill to raise the gas tax, but did reject legislation that would raise the sales tax.

But Republican Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge says they're making progress. While he says he voted no, legislation did pass that ends rebates for license plate renewals. Jones said, "We have put $530 million over the last year into our roads. We are directing another $225 million. We have $247 million in ongoing revenue going forward."

Last night, Republicans tried a scaled-back approach that would provide almost $40 million to fix the roads.

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer of East Lansing said, "I think what we have seen is a failure of leadership."

Jones says, " We have put much more into roads than Granholm. However the permanent fix is still not passed. Perhaps this fall. However, road repair and construction has new money to start."

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