Senate Working into the Night on Gas Tax Bill

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Senate leaders are having trouble rounding up enough votes to pass a gas tax increase to pay for road repairs despite Governor Rick Snyder personally lobbying individual Senators. The current proposal would replace the per-gallon tax with a tax on the wholesale price. The end result for drivers would be a roughly $.22 per-gallon increase. Several attempts to bring it up for a vote failed Wednesday night. Thursday is the last chance for lawmakers to get something done before the House and Senate leave for a 12-week summer break. Senator Rick Jones told road funding probably won't be addressed until late fall if it doesn't get done this week.

Earlier Wednesday, the Senate rejected a bill raising the sales tax from 6% to 7%. It was 12 votes short of the 26 needed to put it on the November ballot. Senators passed a bill freezing vehicle registration rates and another making more people eligible for the Homestead Property Tax Credit. The bill raises the threshold to a $70,000 household income. A separate bill increases the size of the credit for families making less. The property tax bills only take effect if the gas tax is raised. Republicans agreed to them in order to win Democratic votes. House Speaker Jase Bolger wouldn't say if he thought his membership would pass them.

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