Senate Candidates Seek Business Support

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To a crowd of small business owners they made their pitches.

"I want to build on the progress made and ensure that small businesses have the resources they need to stay afloat to innovate and to succeed. I believe that working in a bipartisan bases is the best way to do this," said Gary Peters, who is running for Senate.

"I think we need a little more listening in Washington, D.C. so I want to go down there and fight for you. I understand the challenges that you have everyday and I want to be that U.S. Senator that's going to fight with you," said Terri Lynn Land, who is also running for Senate.

The two candidates are fighting to gain support from the 23,000 small business members in Michigan who are worried about their bottom lines.

With less than 5 months to go, it's unclear how many ways people in Michigan will be able to compare the two candidates.

"I look forward to the forums, and the conversations with the voters and look forward to seeing Congressman Peters and we'll see what happens. I look forward to it," said Land.

Democrats want specifics but the Land campaign won't say if she'll agree to any debates.

"We'll talk about that after the primary," said one campaign staff member. "Yeah. Ok. Great. Thank You," said Land as she stepped away from an impromptu news question and answer.

It's unclear why Land's campaign wants to wait to make a decision about the debates. Peters and Land are the only two candidates running, and neither faces primary challengers.

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