Secretary of Veterans Affairs Maintains Innocence Despite Scandal

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs says he will not resign, despite reports that 40 veterans died due to delayed treatments at an Arizona hospital.

Today, a House Committee subpoenaed e-mails and letters from Eric Shinseki, regarding those deaths. Members say that these are needed because that have not received sufficient answers to their questions. While Many conservatives are calling for Shinseki's resignation, he got a surprising lifeline from the House Speaker.

"There is a systemic management issue throughout the V.A. that needs to be addressed, and I don't believe that just changing someone at the top is going to actually get to the solutions that many of us are looking for," Rep. John Boehner said today.

Some veterans claim that Veterans Affairs has falsified and destroyed some records. Shinseki, a former four-star general, has vowed to find the truth.