Second Cabbie Robbed at Gunpoint in Jackson

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It started out as a normal day for taxi driver Michael Porter. He was making his usual runs through the streets of Jackson and got called for a ride.

"I was dispatched to 408 Third Street," said Porter. "As soon as I got there, I was confronted by a passenger."

The man got in through the right, passenger side of the van that Porter was driving. When Porter started doing his paperwork, the suspect pulled up his mask and put a gun to his head.

"My first reaction is, 'Is this guy going to pull the trigger?", said Porter. I'm hoping I can get out of this alive so I can see my son."

The man took the cab's key, the ten dollars in the cab and several of Porter's belongings, including his wallet and his phone. Threatening to shoot Porter if he didn't keep his hands on the steering wheel for five minutes, the suspect got away.

Porter called the police and when they arrived, described the suspect as a white male, between 5'5 and 5'8 and weighing around 140 pounds. He was wearing a dark gray hoodie, jeans and covered his face with a dark blue scarf.

"I was just concerned about Mike," said Tom Cannon, whose family owns City Cab, the company Porter works for.

Cannon says safety is the company's top priority.

"We try not to have drivers carry more than 20 dollars," he said. "We don't pick people up on street corners."

This robbery has City Cab looking into better safety measures.

"We're checking into installing those bulletproof shields in the cabs," said Cannon.

At last check, police told Porter they haven't found the suspect.

"My hopes for this investigation is that this man is brought to justice," said Porter.

No one from Jackson Police was able to speak to News 10 about the robbery, but we did speak with Colonial Cab, who had a driver robbed last week at the corner of Norfolk and Webster.
They say they're still working with police and are telling their drivers to be extra cautious.

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