Search is On for Ionia County Inmate

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IONIA - A search is on for an Ionia County jail inmate who walked off the job at a work release program. Sheriff's deputies, state police troopers and a helicopter are search the city of Ionia for Michael Bridinger.

The inmate walked away from the Ionia County Road Commission building on Riverside Drive at approximately 12:30PM Thursday.

Bridinger, 49, is a Hubbardston resident serving who just began serving a 9-month sentence for possession of marijuana. The Sheriff says Bridinger qualified for their work release program, as a non-violent offender who is not considered a danger.

Bridinger is a 5'9", white male, with short clipped red hair, and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing forest green pants, a tan Carhart jacket over a blue hooded sweatshirt and blue work gloves.

Please contact Ionia County Central Dispatch if you have any information at 616-527-0400.

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