School Millages On The Ballot

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Despite what he calls high taxes in Williamston, Erich Bandemeher says he is going to vote yes and give Williamston Schools the additional money it's asking for.

"I'm willing to pay for improvements to my community," said Erich Bandemeher, who lives in Williamston. "The younger you start with children and the more money you can put into school systems, the less social problems you end up with later 20 years down the road."

Williamston Community Schools is asking voters for a 10 year Sinking Fund Millage of $100 for every $100,000 in taxable property value. The mill is expected to generate about $400,000 each year, and will be used for maintenance and building repairs.

Not everyone is on board with the millage idea. Some people plan to vote no. News Ten's Brian Johnson spoke to several people who say districts should learn to live within their means just like everyone else.

Then there are those like Elizabeth Williams, who still hasn't decided how or if she will vote. She doesn't always like how Williamston uses the money it receives and says the district spends too much on sports.

"I don't know what to decide," said Elizabeth Williams, a business owner. "I've been here twenty years, and I haven't seen any [additional money] go toward the arts at all and so it's a little disappointing."

Williamston isn't the only district asking for more money. It's one of about a dozen districts in Mid-Michigan. For the first time ever, Waverly is asking for 1.64 mills for a technology bond.

It's is a great school district. We have great children, awesome teachers, and we want to make the school infrastructure is as good as anyone could ever find anywhere in Michigan," said Angela Witwer, the School Board Vice President.

Northwest Community Schools in Jackson County has two separate mills on the ballot. The district wants $40 million for six different projects.

For more information about the districts having bond or millage items on the May 7 Special Elections ballot look at the links below.

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