School Bus Collides with Car in Rural Intersection

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Conway Twp. Livingston Co. - A school bus collides with a car at an intersection outside Fowlerville Thursday morning. 27 children were on board the school bus at the time. Only one child indicated being injured, but the family sought their own medical treatment.

The accident happened at approximately 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of Nicholson Rd. and Sober Rd, in Livingston County's Conway Township. The preliminary crash investigation indicates a the black Dodge Caliber, driven by a 36-year old Fowlerville man, was traveling north on Nicholson Road and had the right-of-way when entering the intersection. The school bus driver was traveling east on Sober Road and had a yield sign. Investigators say the bus driver did not see the car, and continued through the yield sign and was struck by the Dodge.

In a statement to the media, investigators say high snow banks may have played a factor in the crash by restricting the bus drivers vision as she approached the intersection. Along with the driver, the Dodge was occupied by two, two-year-old children. Minor injuries were reported but occupants sought their own medical treatment.

Another bus was brought to take the children to school.

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