Schauer Outlines Education Plans

Mark Schauer says education will be his top budget priority, if he is elected Governor. The Democrat announced his plans for revamping the state's schools.

If elected, he plans to reverse funding that has been cut over the last four years, change the per-pupil funding formula and require teachers at charter and virtual schools to take part in the Public School Pension Plan.

Schauer says his schools plans are what business leaders ask him about the most.

"Their number one concern isn't about their tax rate, it's about the talent of the work force, that they can identify or grow and train and retrain within their business," said Schauer.

Schauer criticized Governor Snyder for cutting K-12 school funding and using the school aid fund to help Community Colleges and Universities.

The Governor's re-election campaign argues that education is a top priority for Snyder and noted that total funding has increased over the last four years.