Schauer Calls For Raising Minimum Wage To $9.25

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DETROIT (AP) -- Mark Schauer says he'll make raising the minimum wage a top priority as Michigan governor.

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate is proposing to increase Michigan's minimum wage from $7.40 an hour to $9.25 per hour over three years. After that, the wage would rise with inflation to protect earners' purchasing power.

Schauer tells The Associated Press that increasing the minimum wage is good for the economy because it puts more money in people's pockets to buy everyday necessities. He also says it's the morally right thing to do for workers struggling to get by.

Schauer will unveil his proposal Monday morning outside a Detroit bakery.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder hasn't embraced minimum wage hikes. His spokeswoman says while he hasn't taken a position, there could be unintended consequences like job losses.

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