Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Ground Turkey

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LANSING --- Dozens of people in 26 states, including 10 here in Michigan have gotten salmonella poisoning because of ground turkey. Two people have died, the latest confirmed on Tuesday evening in California. No recalls have been issued yet, but cooking your food correctly might be the best preventive measure.
77 people across the country have gotten sick because of ground turkey. In Michigan, one person in Bay, Eaton, Berrien and Genesee counties have gotten sick; two in Wayne county and four in the city of Detroit reportedly have salmonella poisoning.
"[It] can be quite a serious infection especially among the very young or elderly or immuno-compromised people," said Susan Bohm, an epidemiologist with the Michigan Department of Community Health. "So there's the potential for serious illness to even progress to a blood infection as well."
Bohm says the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have been investigating the Salmonella Heidelberg outbreak, but because no brand of turkey has been identified there's no recall yet.
"They're still very involved with the investigation right now --- doing trace backs and trying to find where the contaminated ground turkey is coming from and sometimes that does take a while."
The CDC says the best way to properly protect yourself is to make sure you cook your ground turkey to the right temperature which is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
"You will find it on uncooked poultry --- it's just there, as well as other bacteria," said Bohm.
Cases have been slowly cropping up since March, but until a source can be pinpointed, health officials say thoroughly cooking your food is the only way to avoid getting sick.

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