SLIDESHOW: Investigation Continues in Shooting Near Sexton High School

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Lansing Police continue to investigate the shooting that happened near Sexton High School Tuesday afternoon.

As of Thursday morning police have not identified a suspect or suspects. Police say the investigation has been slow going because the victims have not been cooperative. They are using eye witnesses from the neighborhood where the shooting happened and evidence from the scene to piece the story together.

"We had detectives work through the night on this and are still continually following up on leads," said officer Robert Merritt of the Lansing Police Department Wednesday afternoon.

The mayor of Lansing says while the violence is new, the arguments are the same.

"They are the same fights we used to have, it's just people are better armed, and that's tragic. We are getting tragic results. I don't think the young people realize that these are permanent results with these weapons," said Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

The mayor says the city can not guarantee everyone's security.

"We just had the tragic results in Washington, DC demonstrate, we can't even guarantee safety on a military base. If we can't guarantee absolute safety on a military base how can we guarantee it in every neighborhood in every city," said the Mayor.

While there is no guarantee, the mayor says the city is doing everything it can to keep people safe.

"It is a violent society, guns are widely available," said Mayor Virg Bernero. "As you know I've had gun buyback programs, we'll probably have more gun buyback programs, we've put officers in the schools, we're trying to be preventative and proactive in building relationships--letting youngsters know that there are others ways to go than violence."

WILX is following the investigation closely and will have updates on the recent shootings in Lansing tonight on News Ten.

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