Runners Gear Up For Lansing Marathon

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For months Mike and Sandy Schneider have been pounding the pavement as they train for the Lansing Marathon.

"It keeps you working out through out the winter," said Mike Schneider, who is running in the half-marathon on Sunday. "You've got to prepare, you just can't start in the spring."

Nearly two-thousand runners have signed up for Sunday's races. Each has their own plan on how to make it across the finish line.

"Pay attention to your body," added Sandy Schneider. "If it says it's hurting then you know take it easy. It's okay, you'll get there."

"Don't try to start off too fast," said Andy Marsh, a marketing and special events team member at Playmakers. "Start off conservative and you can build into the run."

When you're looking at 26.2 miles, pain is one thing the runners will have to work through.

"I think I would have liked to have known how much it would hurt at 20 miles," added Bill Ewing, Operations Director of the Lansing Marathon.

One way to avoid some of that post-marathon pain is wearing the proper gear. At Playmakers they say not all shoes are made equal, so they're helping runners find the right fit.

"I purchased new shoes the week before I ran in them and the race did not end up overly well," Marsh added.

What runners wear is just one piece of the puzzle.

"Good running form is probably the single most important way to help stay injury free," Marsh said.

Free classes at Playmakers can help runners with some of those basics.

"Running underneath you body, not overstriding and running with the correct form," Marsh shared.

Participants aren't the only ones running around, event organizers are sprinting to get everything ready in time for Sunday's race.

"I'm taking the lead bicyclists out and we're going to check the course one more time," Ewing added.

All to make sure everything is ready for the runners.

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