Runners Banned Over Performance-Enhancing Drug

MGN Online

Five Durand High School runners have been disqualified from this weekend's state championships for using what the state calls "a performance-enhancing drug."

The pre-workout supplement C-4 Extreme, is banned in Michigan high schools and colleges, as well as the Coast Guard.

"It's an unregulated thing and a lot of kids don't actually know what they're using," says Nick Bendall, an athletic trainer at Flint's Insight Health & Fitness Center. Bendall is not affiliated with Durand but says C4 helps bodybuilders get more workouts in. He adds that the risk is not worth the reward.

"You face the dangers of kidney function and liver function being reduced," says Bendall.

That's why C4 is banned by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

"State law requires that schools have something in their student code which follows the NCAA banned list," says John Johnson with the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Runners allegedly took the supplement before winning the Genesee Area Red League track meet.Once school officials found out, they withdrew the Railroaders eligibility for state finals.

"The Durand schools are a member of the association in good standing. Recent events do not change that," says Johnson.