MSU Fans Rush for Rose Bowl Merchandise, Tickets

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Spartan fans wanting to get to the Rose Bowl will spend a bundle to do it.

Tickets were gone almost as soon as they went on sale, and now you'll have to pay more than face value to get them in advance.

Even the merchandise is flying off store shelves. The MSU Student Book Store is going by another name for now.

"It's the MSU Rose Bowl Headquarters," SBS Manager Brad Ballein said.

Headquarters are bustling with everyone buying Rose Bowl gear. Some professors used their lunch break to do a little shopping.

"One of my students this fall was one of the guys on the football team," MSU Professor Jayne Schuieman said. "I'm a true Spartan through and through, and I'm so excited they're in the Rose Bowl, you can't believe it."

Other super fans could hardly contain their excitement. Joey Kardynal is a freshman at MSU and being a Spartan runs in the family.

"Die hard, absolutely, since the day I was born," Kardynal said. "My dad is a Spartan, my brother is a Spartan, and now me."

Even future students were represented.

"I wanted a t-shirt for myself, and I wanted like a t-shirt for my brother, because he's probably going to come here in a few years," MSU freshman Laura Mattingly said.

There's t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, thousands of rose bowl items for sale. But one thing none of those people have? Tickets to the game. Ticketmaster barely had anything to offer Tuesday morning after only a few minutes of general sales. Merchandise was disappearing just as quickly with many people doing their Christmas shopping.

"I would be in fairly soon to get what you need because at some point the product will run out, just like the tickets," Ballein said.

Buying all the gear is one thing, but buying a trip to the game is a whole different story that will cost thousands of dollars. The MSU Federal Credit Union is offering some help.

"Some people maybe didn't think about saving up for this, because they didn't expect it," Sarah Bohan Vice President of Corporate Communications at MSU Federal Credit Union said.

The credit union is offering a "bowl loan." It's a short-term, low-cost, low-rate loan to help people with travel and game expenses, and they've already had hundreds of applications. The minimum loan is $1,000.

"They'e ready to go cheer on their Spartans in Pasadena and looking for a way to get there, and we're just happy to be able to provide that," Bohan said. "Maybe it covers your airfare and you get the tickets while you're there."

Or maybe people do what thousands of others have just accepted at this point.

"We're going to have a party at home," Kim Green said after buying shirts for her family.

The Student Book Store says it's still getting some products in.

It should be fully stocked on Wednesday, and it's open until 8:00.

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