Rolling Out New Recycling Carts For Lansing Residents

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LANSING (WILX)-- Lansing is kicking its old recycling bins to the curb. The city's rolling out new carts starting Monday as part of its plan to get more people to recycle. Instead of the small light green bins, every homeowner will get a big dark green cart.

Some homeowners got to test the bins for a year before the city made them available to everyone. Those who participated in the pilot program says they're thrilled with how easy it is to recycle in the capitol city.

"I'd never be able to go back to my little bucket," said Catherine Moss.

To say Moss loves her new recycling cart would be an understatement.

"Everybody got that standard little basket and it hardly fit anything. So, when they brought out these new carts I must have recycled three times the amount I usually do," said Moss.

She's not alone. Many of her neighbors feel the same way after participating in the pilot program.

"I'm really happy. I think it's an excellent program. I see a lot of containers go out on Mondays in my neighborhood, so I think everybody likes it," said Michael Scott.

More than thirty thousand carts will be delivered to Lansing residents in the next four weeks. Every home will get one.
It's bigger, it can roll, and it makes it easier for garbage men to pick up.

"When the small bins were full they stopped. You give them a larger container and they will fill it," said Lori Walch, Lansing Environmental Specialist.

The city will deliver the new cart right to the end of the driveway. Once it's delivered homeowners can recycle their old bin, or keep it for personal use.

A list of what can and cannot be put in the new cart will be provided when the cart is delivered, plus a pick-up schedule. Because the carts are so much bigger (one cart can hold seven smaller bins worth), pick-up will be every two weeks.

The new carts come at no extra cost to residents, and there's no sorting needed. All recycling is single-streamed to Ann Arbor to be sorted.

Within the year, Lansing will likely more than double its recycling output.

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