Road Crews Patching Worst Potholes First

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A break in the cold temperatures gave road crews a chance to start patching dangerous potholes. Ingham County’s Road Department spent Friday focusing on some of the county’s most heavily traveled roads.

Bill Conklin, Managing Director for Ingham County Road Department says “We're trying to be proactive, but there is more potholes than we're going to be able to get to, and they're going to continue to form. So if people do have an issue they should call us and get it on the list to be taken care of."

The list is already long, and financial resources are running short. The Ingham County Road Department has already spent about 80% of it's budget for the year. Conklin says it will be a challenge to keep all of the potholes filled. “The ones we try to react to first, either the same day we get them or the next day, are the ones that are going to damage somebody's vehicle."

Conklin says potholes that cause a flat tire, or an accident are at the top of the list. That list is expected to keep on growing in what could be one of the worst pothole seasons in years. “We did have a very deep frost penetration this year. We've had a lot of moisture this season, so we believe we've got pretty deep frost penetration which could normally indicate a severe and protracted pothole season."