Road Crews Prepare for Weekend Storm

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LANSING (WILX)--Road crews haven't had much time to catch their breath since mid-December, and they're ready to do it again Friday night.

"It just doesn't stop! We've had snow, wind, rain and freezing rain," said Joe Pulver with the Clinton County Road Commission.

The crews and their equipment have already taken quite a beating from this year's winter weather.

"We had air cleaners with ice chunks in them. That's hard on the engine. We've had hydraulic hoses bend over and breaking because the snow was just clinging on top of everything," said Pulver.

That's why, hours before the snow starts falling again the crews are busy laying down a layer of salt and fixing what they can.

"Right now we're getting the trucks checked out. Making sure we have material in the salt barns," said Scott House with the Lansing Public Service Department.

No matter how tired they are, or how many hours of overtime they've already worked, crews are ready to be called back out onto the roads.

"The city's ready and we'll respond," said House.

"They're doing a great job. They really care about their community, so they're out there a lot," said Pulver.

The brutal weather has been taken a toll on the budget as well.
Lansing, Ingham and Clinton counties have gone through a third of their winter budget in one month.

"So we're a little bit ahead of the salt usage, which is a bit of concern. If these trends continue that would impact our ability to do our surface maintenance program in the summer," said Bill Conklin with the Ingham County Road Department.

To put it in perspective Lansing normally uses 9,000 tons of salt each winter. It's already gone through 5,000 tons.

With a lot of blowing snow expected tonight crews will be focusing on just the main roads. So be careful on those back roads.

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