Right-to-Work Protests Continue

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- A few dozen people protesting Michigan's right-to-work legislation chanted inside the Lansing building housing Republican Governor Rick Snyder's office.

The group made it inside the George W. Romney Building's lobby area Friday afternoon when it was met by security guards and state police.

Protesters briefly met with representatives from Snyder's staff before leaving the building. They continued chanting outdoors and then disbanded.

No arrests were made.

Republican lawmakers -- backed by Snyder -- pushed right-to-work legislation Thursday through the state House and Senate. The legislature is to reconvene Tuesday. Snyder says he will sign the bills into law.

The laws would prohibit what are known as "closed shops," in which workers are required to join a union or pay fees that are equivalent to union dues as a condition of employment.

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